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Project Consulting


Project Consulting

All construction projects—no matter the size or type—require a team who can manage a full range of services in such a way that the team’s designers, architects, engineers, and project owners all work together and communicate with one another in a highly efficient and effective manner.

Seraa can provide and/or enhance a project’s needs by providing two primary service areas of project consulting: project scheduling and project management. Within these two areas, Warner offers an array of services that can enhance any existing project team, or if a project’s need is greater, we can provide a full-service management team.


Project Scheduling

Because the construction industry continues to evolve, the range and depth of information required to effectively plan a project can be overwhelming. Success depends heavily on highly detailed advance planning, and Seraa knows—and has demonstrated with extreme precision—that the key to intelligent project planning is accurate project scheduling.

At Seraa, each schedule becomes a customdesigned plan tailored to fit the individualized features of each project as well as the capabilities and resources of each project’s owner, developer, contractor, and construction manager.

Our scheduling professionals can:
  • Establish a realistic period of performance using normal, fast-track, or multiphase techniques
  • Identify long-lead and schedule-sensitive materials and equipment
  • Develop a project master schedule delineating contractors performance obligations
  • Prepare the initial as-planned baseline schedule
  • Update schedules, monitor performance and perform progress reports
  • Pinpoint potential and actual problem areas and suggest effective solutions
  • Determine the impact of delays caused by the late delivery of materials, design changes, abnormal weather, strikes, or other unforeseen factors
  • Recommend and negotiate time extensions where justified

Whether a client is a smaller specialty contractor or one of the largest owners/developers, Warner uses a variety of scheduling techniques to suit individual client needs. Our scheduling staff, recognized as among the best in the industry, time and again prove they are indispensable to each of our clients’ projects.

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Examples of the scheduling services we offer our clients include:
  • Project planning
  • Project duration evaluation
  • Bid and proposal schedule development
  • Critical path method (CPM) scheduling preparation/review
  • Scheduling, schedule monitoring, and schedule updating
  • Long-lead item identification
  • Contract terms and requirements
  • Pre-bid phasing studies
  • Master schedules
  • As-planned schedules
  • Multiphase interfaces
  • Fast-track schedules
  • Impact/delay analysis
  • Time extension justification/evaluation
  • Manpower/equipment utilization projections
  • Payment requisitions
  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Resource-loaded schedules
  • Recovery schedules

Project Management

Today’s construction environment has become a highly sophisticated industry—one that requires a diverse range of skills and technologies. When planning building programs, clients must possess the necessary experience, time, sophistication, and technical skills to launch a new project, keep it on course, and achieve its desired outcome. At Warner, we use our talent and tenacity to help our clients keep their projects—no matter how challenging or complex—on track and on top in today’s marketplace.

Warner strategically guides complex programs through the perilous path of project development to bring each client’s vision to reality, while at the same time, ensuring each project remains on budget and on schedule in accordance to the terms of the contracts involved. For clients undertaking a traditional or more complex building program, we provide them with owner’s representation, project integration, project management, and construction management services.

Warner often fulfills the role as the owner’s representative and advocate by acting as an objective party who has the personnel and experience to supervise the design and construction of projects. Our ability to manage people, estimate costs, schedule performance, analyze constructability, and foresee complications ensures that our clients’ priorities always come first. Our primary objective is to advise and assist clients—not to supplant them. Our services allow clients to remain in control of their projects, providing them every opportunity to make the right decisions at the right time throughout each of their project’s life cycle.

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Examples of the project management services we offer our clients include:
  • Concept development
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Program development
  • Budgeting, scheduling, and estimating services
  • Value engineering
  • Constructability reviews
  • Document coordination
  • Design team identification and selection
  • Identification of project delivery strategy alternatives
  • Design management
  • Contractor qualification and bidding
  • Construction contract negotiations and award
  • Permitting and utility coordination
  • Construction management and administration
  • Interior fit-out and equipment coordination and management
  • Commissioning
  • Owner occupancy and relocation services
  • Project closeout

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